Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management strategies to ensure safety and compliance

We can assist clients at all stages of the Risk Management process as defined within the International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000:2009. Our services can include a comprehensive Enterprise Wide Risk Management System, or a combined solution providing implementation, integration (including change management), education, and auditing.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), is now considered to be an essential element in the management framework of all organisations regardless of the size and number of workers. Understanding the core Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) principles and methodology is a critical component for the success of your business and a set of skills that all officers or decision makers should have.

In simple terms Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is framework or methodology that assists businesses to predict future or foreseeable events which may have an impact on areas such as your brand, reputation, finances, operations and safety. It allows you to ensure that suitable risk controls or actions are in place to manage these risks

ACES Group is one of Australia’s leaders in the development of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) within the entertainment and events industry. Led by our Director Mr Andrew Tatrai (CPRM) we are able to offer our clients risk management advice and solutions that not only allow the business to operate efficiently but it provides a robust framework for the control of safety risks within your enterprise.

‘An Enterprise Wide Risk Management System  is designed to create and maintain a Risk Management programme by delivering:



A framework for internal Risk Management Assessment based on your organisation’s assets and obligations



Training of Directors, Management and staff of the Risk Management process ensuring standardised risk management process and application



A reporting system to inform Directors and Management of the identification and treatment of risk and make them aware of emerging risk within their workplace environment


A formal 'living' policy

A formal “living” policy that is used, reviewed and implemented at all levels of the organisation to minimise exposure to risk and potential costs

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