October 18, 2021

Employee of the Month, September 2021

Congratulations to Eddie Mancia who was awarded Employee of the Month, September 2021. Eddie was nominated by Andrew Valencia and is working as an interim manager in addition to performing his regular duties. He has approached this difficult challenge professionally, calmly and thoughtfully and is a thoroughly deserving recipient.

We’d also like to recognise the outstanding work of all staff members who were nominated for the award this month:

  • Adam Strachan
  • Alex Sukkar
  • Amandeep Riahr
  • Anthony Williams
  • Brian Kim
  • John Collie
  • John Janbroers

An honorable mention goes to Anthony Williams who was described as “an extremely exceptional worker” by our client.

Thank you all for your incredible work. We are proud to have you on our team.

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