Based on 35 years of experience seamlessly providing the services necessary to keep people and places safe and to ensure enjoyable experiences in our shared places. Bringing together the best expertise in one team to protect you and your future.

We refine our service solution so that it works for you

Security Planning & Operations

We plan security and deploy the best people to keep your people and places safe. You can rely on our people, our systems and our connected technology to improve experiences.

Event, Visitor Services & Operations Staff

We can mobilise a highly skilled team across all operational areas that are necessary to make your event or activity a success.

Risk Management and Safety Services

Avert Risk Management Services and Assure Event Safety Services can help you plan for, and implement risk, safety, emergency and traffic services to ensure your activities are a success.


Affirm Training our Registered Training Organisation will help you build competency for work with vocationally relevant training.

A group of services that unite to optimise safety, security and experience..

Every part of ACESGroup has evolved to and interacts together to achieve our mission and complement and support your business.   We work together to provide services that contribute to the community by valuing and keeping people and places safe.

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