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Dynamic Crowd Measurement

DCM (Dynamic Crowd Measurement)has reinvented crowd assessment with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. DCM uses existing CCTV to automatically assess  crowd characteristics such as density flow and mood, to help decision makers understand, manage and engage people across  a range of spaces including transport hubs, public places, stadiums, events and venues.

Decision Makers use DCM to make outstanding, in the moment decisions based on advanced real-time analytics, in order to drive engagement, improve planning input, increase safety and maximise market spend.

Created by crowd management experts and successfully implemented at critical transport locations and world leading events, DCM is feature rich, data driven intelligence at its best.


Ahvva (Automated Hostile Vehicle Vector Analysis) is  innovative smart technology that uses geographical data, information and imagery to perform vehicle threat and vector analysis for any area in the world. By selecting a target location on a map,  Ahvva will analyse potential attack vectors, model vehicle behavior (such as velocity and momentum) and provide a risk rating.

Ahvva eliminates the need to visually inspect maps and manually identify possible vehicle paths. Users simply select a target on a map, and Ahvva handles all of the information gathering, identification, calculation and analysis. It also handles presentation of its findings, either in an interactive web app or a printable report.


Tera (Terrorism Risk Assessor) uses a combination of real-time and historical data to assess the exposure and vulnerability of any address, asset or geographical location in the world to terrorism. By completing a simple  online assessment, Tera will generate a detailed terrorism risk assessment report with your threat and vulnerability scores and recommended actions.

Tera is  directly aligned with the ANZCTC Crowded Places Security Audit, to meet your obligations under the National Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism and also aligns with best practice set by the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK National Counter-Terrorism Security Office and other leading security and counter-terrorism agencies.

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