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ACESGroup provide corporate security and visitor services, welcoming your patrons, staff and guests whilst protecting and maintaining your critical assets. ACESGroup is a customer service focused business with 30 years experience in integrated visitor and security services.

Australian Concert and Entertainment Security

ACES is Australia’s leading event security and venue security provider.  Internationally renowned as crowd control and crowd management experts, we provide high quality security officers and are distinguished by our leading safety culture.

Event Force

With 30 years dedicated industry experience in integrated staffing solutions, Event Force specialise in the provision of event staff and venue staff for public interface roles. Capabilities include individual, high volume, long term or short term staffing solutions, controlled via robust systems specifically for delivering and managing personnel.

Avert Risk & Assure Safety

Avert Risk Management and Assure Event Safety Services offer expert risk management and Work Health & Safety management services. Our risk treatment strategies include ‘operational’ analysis, policy development, advisory documents and safety staff deployment.

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Affirm Training

Affirm Training deliver a broad selection of nationally recognised courses and business specific training. Our core strength is in improving fundamental workforce skills to build competency for your business.  Affirm also provide consultation to determine workplace training requirements and regulatory training compliance.

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Alleviate provide a range of event management and event planning services. Renowned in the entertainment sector for the management of major international touring events in Australia’s largest venues and stadiums, Alleviate assist with everything from strategic planning to logistical support, promotion and staging, with safety and quality underpinning all we do.

Innovation Partners


Vardogyir provides on-demand analytics for physical security threats, using big data and machine learning to assess terrorism risk and model hostile vehicle attacks.

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Hello Nimbo

Nimbo is an intelligent security robot based on leading-edge Artificial Intelligence for a range of security applications.

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DCM provides automated, real-time  crowd insights to streamline resources, drive engagement and improve planning input.

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