Planning and Advisory

ACESGroup planning and advisory services help you plan for, and implement risk, safety, emergency, traffic and security strategies and services to ensure that your activities are a success.

Expert Risk & Safety Management

Work Health and Safety

Having a safety management system for your business (that works) is not just a legal requirement, it’s important for the health and safety of all of your employees, workers and visitors. ACESGroup have extensive experience in the auditing, review, design and implementation of Work Health and Safety (WHS) management systems for varying sizes of operations and styles of business.

Risk Management

ACES Group specialise in the application of risk management and safety management strategies for organisations involved in facility public precinct and event operations.

We offer a range of security, crowd, event and enterprise risk management services, providing strategies and consultation to ensure safety and compliance, whilst taking into account legal factors and broad social expectations.

Emergency Management

All employers have a duty under the WHS Act & Regulation 2011 to prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan. We base our emergency management plans (EMPs) on the practical assessment of hazards associated with a workplace or activity and the possible consequences of an emergency occurring as a result, whilst considering the application of relevant laws, including public health laws and state or territory disaster plans.

Traffic Management

If your workers, or patrons are exposed to traffic, or the road network then it is your duty to prepare, maintain and implement a traffic management plan (TMP).

ACESGroup has the practical experience to prepare, draw and implement both simple and complex Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for precincts, councils, educational facilities, major events, or even small contractor activities.

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Avert Risk Management and Assure Event Safety Services

As part of the ACESGroup of companies, Avert Risk Management and Assure Event Safety Services offer expert risk management and WHS (Work Health & Safety) management services to businesses and stakeholders that include councils, landowners, venues, promoters and producers.

We use a range of risk management and risk treatment strategies including ‘operational’ analysis, policy development, professional advisory documents and safety management personnel to ensure safety for your clients, your customers, your workforce, and the general public.

Keeping your people and places safe.

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