October 6, 2021

ACESGroup celebrates fifth consecutive tender success

ACESGroup are proud to announce our fifth consecutive tender success of a contract for a major Sydney precinct security service.

Due to this impressive achievement, the contract has now been held by ACESGroup for over 20 years and reflects the consistent quality of service we deliver. It is a testimony to the long-term dedication of our professional and highly trained staff, many of whom have been servicing the contract for most of its duration. 

This recent success indicates the capability of ACESGroup to provide diverse operations staff (including rangers, security guards, traffic controllers, event personnel and safety officers) as well as public domain and event planning and logistics in a cohesive business as usual and mass gathering basis.

We are also excited to have the opportunity to get back to what we do more of and better than anyone - events in public places. This will include our 21st New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour and with our recent tender success, we are working towards our 25th.

We love working in Sydney’s best locations and it shows!

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