August 31, 2021

ACESGroup make it SIMPL to keep on top of critical security operations  

ACESGroup recently launched a custom-built web-based application specifically tailored to providing critical insights on security operations. Called SIMPL, standing for Security Insights Management & Predictive Logic, the system utilises live mobile tracking data in combination with user submitted information and reports.

The responsive management platform visualises the live location data of team members, captures and documents activities (including specific patrol points) and provides valuable information on reports submitted during a shift. The predictive aspect of the system uses past data submissions to predict exceptions and improvements, keeping teams a step ahead with security operations. The latest addition is a tasking feature to facilitate the allocation of ad-hoc and scheduled tasks to guards, with information logs detailing completed duties.

In addition to visualisation and tasking, automated alerts and notifications can be triggered according to client specific requirements and even used to generate meaningful weekly or monthly reports sent directly to specific stakeholders.  

SIMPL data can be exported on demand to csv or pdf, with a direct API connection available for integration with existing client systems.

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