August 31, 2021

International Security Officers Day

Sonja Semmens

Security is a service that is rarely valued until something goes wrong. We know how much nearly goes wrong and security prevent it going wrong, as well as manage it to reduce the impacts when it does.

We are proud to be a security business and we always appreciate our security staff – the past 18 months even more so. Security has stepped up to the challenges to help keep the community safe. All of us have worked away from home every day as essential services. Many security quickly embraced a pivot for a purposeful new frontline role in keeping the community safe.

We encourage everyone who interacts with security to join us and make the effort to recognise the positive contribution security makes, particularly this Saturday 24 July, International Security Officers Day (ISOD).

From the Concierge at entry, the Guard at the door or Visitor Services Security and Rangers who protect our public places, to the operator in the control room through to the experts who plan large operations and the data scientists who create security solutions, every role makes apositive contribution and is valued.

Thank you to all security staff for protecting people and places 24/7, 365!

This year we commit to regularly communicating and celebrating the great work you do so that it does not go un-noticed.

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