July 28, 2022

International Security Officers Day 24/07/2022

Sunday the 24th of July is International Security Officers’ Day and it's an opportunity for everyone to recognise and thank the security officers working behind the scenes to keep us safe. As a global security industry initiative, International Security Officers' Day is now celebrated in a wide variety of counties across the world including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, USA and Thailand.

At ACESGroup, we value and recognise the contribution made by all our professional security officers, particularly on this Sunday 24/7 2022, International Security Officers Day (ISOD).

Thank you all for protecting people and places 24/7, 365! From the concierge at entry, the guard at the door and rangers who protect our public places, to the operator in the control room, the experts who plan large operations and the data scientists that create security solutions, every role makes a positive contribution.

Thank you for your great effort and reliability! #thankyousecurityofficers.

For more information on International Security Officers Day please visit https://asial.com.au/Web/Web/News/ISO-Day.aspx

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