August 31, 2021

Smart Cities leveraging AI in Covid-19 response strategies

COVID19 has undoubtedly had a major effect on the strategic framework for Smart Cities, with challenges that include balancing new regulatory and safety requirements with demands of the public and stakeholders. What these challenges have reinforced is the importance of using a measured, evidence based response that leverages intelligent technology.

By gaining a deep understanding of crowd characteristics and pedestrian movement (including social distancing), Smart Cities are able to build a blueprint for effective operation whilst under restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Creating a profile for social distancing compliance across multiple locations not only helps facilitate effective resource allocation and infrastructure planning, but by demonstrating a measured and evidence based response, Smart Cities are able to appease the public and stakeholders. Importantly, capturing and assessing data will benchmark the effectiveness of actions and help provide evidence for relieving COVID-19 imposed restrictions.

In addition to the pandemic response, Smart Cities can use the same dynamic technology to align with the goals in their strategic framework. The real-time and retrospective insights offered on crowd characteristics (such as density, mood and flow) help optimise planning, optimise service delivery and will ultimately allow for superior visitor experiences.

Ease of implementation, privacy protection and security are other key ingredients inherent to the make-up of this innovative technology platform that integrates directly with existing CCTV. Built on world class infrastructure that ensures privacy and security, Dynamic Crowd Measurement is a cost-effective solution helping Smart Cities with smart decision making.

If you would like to learn more about how Dynamic Crowd Measurement can help Smart Cities then please contact Travis Semmens on

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